Artificial Intelligence

AI Strategy Will Determine The Future Order

A company’s AI strategy is the greatest determiner of future success. It is not incremental, it is transformative on scales even larger than the internet, smart phones and PCs. It opens new worlds of possibility and accelerates innovation on a scale we never used to imagine. It will find connections we do not see and create new pathways that will upset every industry.

AI & Machine Learning

Cloud Commerce Consulting has several offerings to help you leverage machine learning into a competitive advantage and to build a workable, long-term road map that keeps you ahead of the curve.

  • Strategy management planning process showing how Cloud Commerce helps clients adopt Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence programs
    Cloud Commerce Strategy Management process adoption of Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence programs

    Executive briefings & training to explain in business terms how the technology works and how to apply it

  • Strategy review to analyze your industry and needs and demonstrate how best to integrate AI into your business
  • Marketing positioning to position you and your firm as authorities and leaders in your industry on machine learning
  • Technical implementations of commercial products so you can start gaining advantage and build capabilities quickly and easily
  • Internal capabilities once you have these stages done, we build the case and execution plans for internal capabilities including training and hiring programs

We Don’t Know The Limits of Machine Learning So Assume There Are None

AI self replicating
AI Strategy Will Determine Future Winners

James Watt’s Steam Engine was designed to pump water from mines more effectively and it changed everything. Steam engines had been commercially available for decades at that point so there was no great fanfare at its launch. In the same way, looking back at machine learning and AI progress is unhelpful. As with the industrial revolution, AI has hit its inflection point and is changing the world and your industry right now.

Ignore early failures and humorous mistakes.  As in humans, machine learning’s adolescent flubs tell you nothing of its full potential. Continuously skeptics draw lines that they say AI cannot cross and it always does. It makes original art, beats traffic tickets, predicts cancer, writes programming code, chats with people and beats masters at every game it learns. We do not know the full potential of artificial intelligence so you need to assume it has none.

Quantum Computing Will Cause Mass Extinction

Quantum Computing moves us from digital bits to quantum bits. It will accelerate computing power in massive leaps instead of the reliable Moore’s Law. The progress appears slow but breakthroughs are happening. When the inflection point hits and commercially available products hit the market there will not be time to develop a strategy for it. For every space, the organizations with the leading combinations of artificial intelligence, big data and analytics will accelerate at a rate never seen before. If you are not ready you will be left behind.

Cloud Commerce Consulting Strategic Planning Process
Cloud Commerce Consulting Strategic Planning Process