Michael Zammuto – Executive Profile

Michael Zammuto Founder & CEO

Michael Zammuto founded Cloud Commerce Consulting and serves as chief executive and primary consultant. The company builds

Michael Zammuto NYSE Interview
Michael Zammuto Appearing on the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange on CheddarTV talking About Yelp! and Completed.com.

on his deep experience with enterprises and with scaling startups, big data, analytics and machine learning platforms and products. His primary role is to help executive teams of startup and growth-stage technology and internet companies achieve their goals through advisory services, operating and sales and marketing support.

Zammuto has a 20-year career spanning several internet and technology startups and turnarounds. He has helped several companies achieve funding, been part of several successful exits and has helped several firms achieve triple digit growth rates and profitability. Zammuto is an expert in establishing inside sales programs, product development, project management and operational transformation.

Writer, Speaker, Advisor

Michael Zammuto has a blog on CIO.com titled “Practical AI, Data and Analytics Strategies” which aims to help CIOs and other senior technology executives successfully build business strategies around these technologies. He also has a column on Business.com where he focuses on issues affecting Entrepreneurs and growth stage executives. Zammuto also been the adviser to a number of technology organizations. Currently these include Skavnger and Carii.

Michael Zammuto writes on both CIO.com and Business.com
Michael Zammuto writes on both CIO.com and Business.com


Microsoft Connected Systems

Zammuto spent several years with Microsoft at company headquarters in Redmond, Washington. At Microsoft, Zammuto joined the Windows Workflow Foundation project leadership team, helping deliver the first version of the technology in .NET 3.0. Zammuto next assumed management of the Connected Systems Division’s release services which managed product development projects. The group’s projects included BizTalk Server, Host Integration Server, Commerce Server, Server Bus, Windows Communications Foundation, Active Directory and many others. The teams there supported releases of Windows, Office, SQL, Visual Studio and other products.

Senior Level and Interim Roles

Zammuto’s roles have included…

  • Current CEO of Cloud Commerce
  • Current Startup CEO of Completed.com
  • Strategic Adviser to Carii
  • Acting CRO to ecommerce company GHP+
  • Interim CRO to Pretty Me Skin Care
  • Interim CEO to Skin Tips & Tricks
  • Interim CEO of SpaProducts Direct
  • Former CEO of Brand.com
  • Former CEO of Sapago
  • Former COO of ChaCha.com
  • Former president of Chaikin Analytics
  • Former COO of Ontario Systems

During his time at ChaCha.com it enjoyed record growth and became the 35th busiest website in the world. ChaCha was also the 5th busiest mobile site and one of the top sites shared on social media. Michael Zammuto also held senior executive positions with Ecometry,  LawCommerce.com and others. Zammuto is credited with turning five late stage companies profitable, including four companies that achieved their first ever profits under his leadership.

His approach involves a few key elements. (1)  deep, hyper-data driven analysis that allows for the identification of highly profitable elements of the business (2) focus on those profitable slivers of operations adding scale (3) ruthless levels of execution. Zammuto is also an expert in understanding how operating models and programs need to evolve to best suit a company at different stages of its maturity and development.

Zammuto studied at Cambridge University and is an alumnus of Tulane University’s AB Freeman School of Business and The Harvard Business School. He is a frequent guest and subject of media coverage and a successful public speaker on a range of topics including technology, business, online internet presence and publishing, reputation, digital media and marketing.

Zammuto has appeared in dozens of media appearances starting in 2003. For more information please see  Michael Zammuto’s media appearances

Michael Zammuto Appearance With Governor Rendell
Michael Zammuto meeting with former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell. Mike and Governor Rendell are committed to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.
Michael Zammuto With Mayor Michael Nutter
Michael Zammuto with then Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter when inviting Brand.com to Philadelphia. Michael has been an executive and adviser to many ventures.









Early Career

Starting with a background in programming, Zammuto worked in technology services before moving into sales and project management with Ikon’s Advanced Integration Technology Services Group.

After achieving several technical certifications including network engineering, and MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and web development. From there Zammuto joined as one of the first four employees of Visual Fire. Visual Fire was funded by a nationally recognized video and television production company. Visual Fire provided DVD encoding services before adding internet consulting and development services. Zammuto developed the company’s consulting services and advised several startups as well as large companies working to develop their first internet strategies. Visual Fire developed a practice to get startup ecommerce companies live in 30 days using packaged code applied to Microsoft Commerce Server, an innovative approach at the time. Ultimately Visual Fire grew to over 50 employees offering design services as well as ecommerce operational and fulfillment planning.

Zammuto next moved to LawCommerce.com headquartered in San Francisco. The company offered content, online professional certification and B2B marketplace services to over 50 large law firms. Zammuto’s job as CTO was to lead technology infrastructure and product development. Zammuto headed B2B marketplace operations and vendor onboarding. The firm was ultimately acquired by Lexis Nexis Legal.

Next Zammuto served as CIO of Inktel Direct developing the first fully functioning ecommerce offering, upgrading and modernizing a 400 seat call center and leading integration of systems.

At Smith Gardner Associates Zammuto again served as CTO and led technology architecture, business analysis and software and product development. The company was in a major period of migrating from host based, mid-range systems to web based, open system development on UNIX and Windows. This led to the first subscription, ASP or SaaS offerings. Following a period of rapid transformation, the company was rebranded as Ecometry Corp and later sold to Golden Gate Capital. Following the acquisition the company was renamed again to Escalate Retail and acquired Blue Martini Software and GERS to form a major player in retail industry and multi-channel marketing. Ecometry later renamed Escalate Retail and was acquired by Red Prairie. Later it was acquired as part of Red Prairie by JDA.

Zammuto left Ecometry to found Sapago. Sapago was an innovative, award winning company serving the retail industry. The company created a platform that utilized mobile devices and IoT touch points including infrared pens, PDAs, RFID and bar codes. The company partnered with major companies including Microsoft. The company’s systems brought mobile and fixed multi-media systems onto the retail floor. It provided shopping promotional videos on demand, interactive, multi-media, reviews and recommendation services years before smart phones and QR codes. Among several awards, Sapago won Best In Show in the 2005 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

About Cloud Commerce Consulting

The Cloud Commerce Consulting team is located in Pennsylvania, San Francisco, New York and India. Offerings include advisory services, consulting, inside and outside sales and digital marketing program development, fundraising, talent evaluation and planning programs and interim executive leadership services.

Zammuto lives in Philadelphia but works in San Francisco and New York.

Awards & Recognition

Michael Zammuto has won many awards and received broad recognition over the years. His companies have won Best In Show at a Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, RFID Journal Product of the Year and has both won and been nominated for Red Herring and several regional IT and software awards.

Artificial Intelligence R&D

Cloud Commerce Consulting believe in the transformative future of AI and automation technologies. Michael Zammuto leads CCC AI and automation consulting practice which helps senior level executives identify tactic and medium and long term strategic visions for their organization.

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