Growth & Monetization Strategies

There is no growth like organic, profitable, cash-flow positive growth. Cloud Commerce Consulting and its key staff have used organic growth programs to transform mid and later stage companies and established scalable monetization strategies for early stage firms.

  • Helping ChaCha.com double revenue and realize first profitability by building a CPC network on 280M reach Twitter and hyper optimizing content to audience and traffic source
  • Helping Brand.com increase revenue 5x and profits 10x in a 12 month period
  • Helping a 7-year-old SaaS firm achieve back to back 100% annual revenue growth rates and first ever profits through digital marketing and inside sales programs
  • Adding the first inside sales program to an international ecommerce provider, adding 35% to monthly sales in 60 days
  • Transforming a large SaaS provider from 30% annual losses to profits in one year
  • Building large scale email marketing and digital advertising campaigns.
  • Built 8, highly scalable, low-cost sales and digital marketing programs.

90-Day Execution Transformation

The difference between a promising startup and a successful business is more than just time, energy and a couple of rounds of funding. Most often it comes down to outstanding execution. In 90 days Cloud Commerce Consulting can help startup and growth stage founders, executives and boards implement the execution model needed to achieve their goals.

Cloud Commerce Consulting Services

  • executive advisory services
  • interim executive consulting
  • fundraising assistance
  • 90-day operational transformations
  • revenue strategies and sales and marketing programs
  • project & program development and management

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Client Success Stories

Example Cloud Commerce Consulting Clients

Making Global Commerce Work

Cloud Commerce Consulting provides real, plug and play solutions for businesses looking to optimize or globalize their ecommerce or digital marketing operations.  Whichever the goal, an excellent outcome is promised.

CCCGlobalDistCroppedOn the global scale, digital commerce is elaborate and arduous.  Every facet adds cloudy, weighty layers that can hinder your initiatives.  Rather than generally expanding your business, recreate your business by forming a bridge from product to audience with manufacturing processing, service and fulfillment.  Meet the tastes, wants, needs, and regulations of your various target markets by offering localized websites and customer service solutions, handling international chargebacks, managing logistics behind international shipping and fulfillment, and mitigating credit card fraud risks.  Each of these complex tasks are daunting, even individually.

Cloud Commerce meets a goal of harmony of every aspect of your business with solutions which are integrated and comprehensive.  For companies wanting to sell internationally or domestically, Cloud Commerce has expertise in helping any ebusiness to reach new customers to go global—both seamlessly and profitably.