ABA Sales Practice

Selling and Marketing Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics

cloudcommercebigdataanalyticsdotsAutomation and information are the key to business disruption and leadership. Selling SaaS, services and tools requires a more solution-focused and strategic approach in many cases, because the business need is the driver, mot typically technical considerations alone.

Organizations need help building capabilities and charting their  course with analytics, big data and artificial intelligence or machine learning. Ensure that your strategy fully integrated the best of these powerful tools. Get Help. Be disruptive not disrupted.

90-Day Sales Execution Transformation

The difference between a promising startup and a successful business is more than just time, energy and a couple of rounds of funding. Most often it comes down to mastering data and driving outstanding execution. In 90 days Cloud Commerce Consulting can help founders, executives and boards implement the execution model needed to achieve their revenue goals.

Cloud Commerce Consulting Services

  • revenue strategies and sales and marketing programs
  • inside and outside sales programs
  • digital marketing departments
  • strategic and executive advisory services
  • interim CRO, VP Sales, VP Marketing, CEO, COO and data science roles
  • fundraising & corporate planning
  • project & program development and management

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